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Xbox One: Gaming and Entertainment Centre

The Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world. Players can look forward to a minimalist style, back to basics design, a faster game performance and lots of features that made the other consoles such as huge success! Here, we’re taking a look at what makes the Microsoft Xbox One special, its pros and cons and also how it measures up the PlayStation 4 for those who cannot decide between the two!


Xbox One: Home Video Console from Microsoft

It was way back in 2001 that the original Xbox console was launched by Microsoft. It was an instant hit, but it has faced stiff competition from Sony’s PlayStation models. The first Xbox designs launched had far superior graphics, amazing technology and had the advantage of exclusive games such as Halo: Combat Evolved. It quickly developed a cult following and it became so massive that its European release had to be postponed to cater to the Japanese market!

Microsoft has continued to update the Xbox and bring incredible entertainment and game play to new generations.


Xbox Kinect

Kinect was first developed for the Xbox 360 console back in 2010 and it allows players to control the game without the use of a traditional controller. You can use body gesture and spoken instruction to interact with the game. This is detected through the Kinect camera and microphone.


Xbox One Technical Specifications and Features

With the latest Xbox consoles, you can expect enhanced social tool, higher resolution and fantastic entertainment options. Below are some of the Xbox One’s technical specs:

Console Design – This games console is more streamlined and looks like a standard VCR unit.

Hardware – This Xbox features a 500GB hard-drive that cannot be replaced. The games are powered by two quad-core AMD processors and a full 8GB of DDR5 system memory.

Software – There are two operating systems to ensure a high performance gaming experience.

Controller – This console features wireless controllers and can be used on both battery or when plugged into the console with a micro USB charge cable.

Headset – The stereo headset provides clear voice capture and you can adjust the audio settings.

Kinect: This console offer motion sensing and voice recognition with the improved 1080p HD camera resolution.


Xbox One Bundles

What’s great about purchasing an Xbox one is that you can save yourself some money by purchasing it as a bundle. There are loads to choose from and to suit every budget from the basic console and controller package to bundles including a range of exciting games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Halo 5: Guardians.


Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4

So, should you go with the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4? This is the big question for many as both consoles are in direct competition. The PS4 did win this battle as it sold twice as many units as the Xbox One, however, the Xbox One is still an extremely impressive gaming console as you can see from its specs!


Xbox One Elite

Microsoft has tried to recapture the top spot from Sony and worked tirelessly on the Xbox One Elite. While the exterior is the same to its predecessors, it does feature lots of internal upgrades. This includes a drop-in replacement of the 500GB HDD to a more potent 1TB SSD hybrid drive. It also features a better Xbox One Elite wireless controller. Players can also look forward to a much faster 20% boost in the game loading time too.


Pros and Cons of the Xbox One

The Xbox One is one of the most cutting edge consoles on the market, but it does have its pros and cons.


Games – Xbox One games do not restrict their games by country, so you can play your favourite games on any console overseas.

Reliability – Microsoft has fixed previous problems with overheating by installing a better cooling system and ventilation.

Bundled Accessories – With your Xbox bundle you will get a Kinect sensor, an HDMI cable and a headset.

Health – The Xbox one can monitor your heart rate and help you with your cardio sessions

Apps – As this console runs on Microsoft, you can look forward to accessing a huge range of brilliant apps.



Backwards Compatibility – Unfortunately, you cannot play old Xbox games on this new console.

The Internet – When first launched, players had to always be connected to the internet to use the gaming console. This has now changed, but players have to go into offline mode and download games to the HDD if they want to play offline.

Design – While the design looks great, it now cannot be turned on its side to save you space.

Expensive Membership – If you want to play in the multi-player games, you’ll pay a big price for it!


Available Accessories for the Xbox One

There is a wide range of great accessories to choose from with the Xbox One, all of which are designed to enhance your gaming experience. This console supports wireless guitar, drum kit controllers, microphones and you can also experience incredible sound with the Xbox sound bar.

Rev heads are another popular accessory in which you can simulate the driving experience of steering wheels, foot pedals and the gear stick! These accessories are perfect for games such as Forza Motorsport 6.


The Cheapest Xbox One Deals

If you choose to go with the Xbox One as your new gaming console, be sure to get the best bundle for your budget and your gaming requirements. This gaming console offers something for everyone no matter whether you are a hard core gamer looking for improved reliability and graphics, or you are just looking to play for fun and want lots of cool games to enjoy playing! There are many high street retailers selling this console including Argos, Currys and Amazon. We would also suggest looking out for discounts when the big sales such as Black Friday are on!


For all of the latest and best Xbox One deals, be sure to check back at Blast My Deals!

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