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Save Money with Watch Deals

A good watch is often more than a simple product that can tell you the time.  It is also a sporting accessory, fashion statement and some newer models can even be used as a social networking device.  With such a diverse range of watches available, finding one that matches your personal style is vital.  Regardless of the type of watch you are after, Blast My Deals offers a huge selection of watch deals.

A watches main focus is obviously to tell the time, but there are also a number of other considerations for buyers to think about before they purchase the dream watch.  If your major issue is style there are brands like Gucci or Zenith for women and Tag or Rolex for men.  Other than looking good, you may also have specifics in mind, such as fitness monitoring or water resistance.


Finding a Standout Timepiece

Watches can be used as the centerpiece for your outfit.  If you are looking to add a touch of class to your professional wardrobe, a watch can easily do the trick.  If you have a formal event coming up, a beautiful wristwatch not only looks good but will also help you arrive on time.  The watch world offers a huge range of timepieces to choose from.  Here are some of the main things you should consider if you’re considering purchasing a watch.


Watch Movement

It’s important to remember that some highly functional watches aren’t always dazzling.  Above all else, your watch should be strong and reliable.  This is why it pays to know what’s in your watch before you buy it.

The mechanism inside any timepiece is referred to as its movement.  This mechanism is the way your watch creates a uniformed and constant interval between seconds.  In poorly crafted watches, movement tends to be unreliable and you can easily lose seconds.

When it comes to how this movement is produced, there are two main forms to consider.  The first uses an oscillating quartz crystal.  This crystal is set in motion by a standard battery.  Quartz was originally discovered in 1927 and has since become the most common way to create a regular timepiece.  A quartz clock is far more accurate than the metal clock that came before it.

The second way you can create movement is through a mechanical movement.  This type of watch has a very different mechanism.  In mechanical timepieces, the movement is generated through a complex series of gears that interconnect within the watch.  The gears are kept in constant motion by a spring that links to the movement of the watch wearer’s wrist.  Mechanical watches are not as accurate as quartz watches and they also require rewinding.  You may think this would detract from their popularity, however, some of the world’s most prestigious and luxurious watched rely on automatic mechanisms.


Finding the Right Watch Type for You

Nowadays, watches come in many different varieties, which means finding the perfect option for you can be a little confusing.  Most watches are suited to different activities and situations, so you may even want to consider having more than one at your disposal.

Diving Watch: If you are likely to use your watch underwater, a diving watch is essential.  Regular watches will fail if you get them wet, whereas diving watches from brands like Rolex and Omega are built to withstand water and can even survive past depths of 300 metres. 

  • Dress Watch: A dress watch is elegantly designed and will complement any formal occasionwear.  Typically, this type of watch is made with smart leather straps and has an unobtrusive appearance.
  • Aviator Watch: You will likely already be familiar with the aviator watches appearance.  Typically, this watch is made of metallic materials and features a prominent bezel, as well as a collection of dials and hands on the watch face.  This means your watch can provide a lot of information in a very small space. 
  • Sports Watches: This type of watch will usually focus on providing high levels of comfort.  They typically have a soft strap and a large face, which makes it easier to tell the time whilst moving.  Fitness trackers have joined traditional sports watches and are designed for casual wear and exercise.  Leading manufacturers include brands such as FitbitSony and Garmin.
  • Smart Watch: New smart watches cleverly blend technology and style, enabling you to access apps and check your social media channels through your watch.


What to Consider When Making Your Next Watch Purchase

One of the very first things any watch buyer needs to consider is the size of their watch.  Do you want a watch with a large face filled with timers and other fancy features?  Or do you prefer something less ostentatious that can easily be slipped underneath your clothing?  It’s important that you consider this before looking for a new watch.

The main part of any wristwatch is the case.  The size of your case will depend on both the purpose of the watch and the size of your wrist. Generally, men will opt for a case size between 30mm and 40mm, whereas women typically select a watch case around 25mm to 35mm. 

You will also need to consider the type of strap you would like.  Comfort levels are particularly important when wearing a watch, so in some cases, a heavy strap is not ideal.  There are different strap sizes as well, so it’s a good idea to measure your wrist before you buy to make sure your new watch will fit well.


Buying Your Next Watch 

There are numerous online and high street retailers to choose from when you are looking for a new watch.  Most shops will specialize in a specific watch type.  For example, a shop like H Samuel stocks a large number of ladies’ dress watches, whilst John Lewis focuses more on standard sports and aviator watches, alongside some good options for professionals. 

There is no bad time to look for a discounted watch, however, most high street retailers will offer savings on watches between Christmas and New Year.


Watch Deals at Blast My Deals 

The best place to find all of the best watch deals is at Blast My Deals.  You’ll find up-to-date discounts from top merchants such as H.S. Johnson, Watches2UAmazonArgos and Debenhams.