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Save Money on Tablets

Tablets have quickly become a popular product choice for people of all ages.  When you’re looking for a handy portable device to stream your favourite TV shows and films on or checking your emails and social media accounts on, then an Apple iPad or Google Android tablet could be the perfect option.


What is a Tablet?

You can think of a tablet as a mini, portable computer.  These devices typically feature screens with a size of seven inches or above.  Most tablets will come with a number of exciting features including a microphone, camera, on-screen keyboard, and touchscreen capabilities.  Apple’s iPad continues to be the most popular tablet to date.

Before the release of the first tablet, this device only existed within the realm of sci-fi, film and TV.   The origins of the Apple iPad can be traced back to the Apple Newton, which was showcased back in 1991.  The first iPad was launched in 2010 and with over 250 million iPads sold up to 2015, the iPad proved the most popular option at the time.  Since then, Android tablets have overtaken iPad in popularity thanks to their enhanced features and increased affordability.  Also, Microsoft has a number of windows-based tablets like the Surface Pro 4, which can be a good choice for productivity and can easily be compared with features you would find on a traditional laptop.       

Android tablets and iPads are a great option for streaming entertainment, communicating and playing games.  Plus, anyone with creative or work needs will find that a Windows tablet can offer necessary access to an extensive software collection.


Top Tablet Brands


Tablet Operating Systems

The main difference between different tablets is their operating system.  All Apple devices run on iOS, whereas Android use Google operating systems.  Lastly, Windows tablets will use the Microsoft system.  Both Android and iOS operating systems run in a similar way.  Both Android and iOS excel in areas of media consumption, which includes reading eBooks, gaming, communicating via email, Facebook and Instagram, as well as sharing photographs.  

Some people choose to use Windows tablets as laptop replacements, so anyone looking for a tablet that offers the same functionality as a laptop should definitely look into Windows tablet range.  Amazon’s Kindle tablets are dedicated to readers accessing their favourite products via Amazon.  This tablet range uses a custom version of Android’s operating system, the Fire OS.  


Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Operating Systems

Initially, the Apple iOS system was the prime mover when tablets were first introduced, so it’s hardly surprising that they still lead when it comes to the tablet-optimised apps.  It’s extremely easy and straightforward to use an Apple tablet, so much so that children can quickly learn how to use these intuitive devices.  It’s also worth remembering that prices for Apple tablets will be higher than Android, even though Android offers a wider selection of features.  Price is a key advantage for Android tablets, with some of their cheaper models offering a number of impressive features that can match iOS.  


Different Tablet Specifications to Consider

  • Display Size: For some, the display size can be an important factor when choosing the best tablet.  If you’re planning on watching TV shows and movies with your tablet, you’re probably best to opt for a larger 10-inch screen.  You can also get tablets between 8 and 9 inches, which are proving a happy medium for many users.  This tablet size gives you optimum user experience and portability.
  • Connectivity: All tablets will offer WiFi collectivity and most will also offer Bluetooth.  If you’re looking to access the Internet at all times, you’ll need to think about signing up for 3G or even 4G coverage.  If this were the case, it would be better to purchase a tablet with a SIM.    
  • Storage: With a tablet, the absolute minimum storage you want to consider is 16GB.  It’s a good idea to check out how much of this storage space will be taken up by your operating system.  Some tablets will give you the option to increase your storage using SD cards. 
  • Ports: Tablets will usually feature at least one USB port, except for iPads, which come with a Lightning port, along with a port for headphones.  Some devices will be able to connect to HD TV’s with an HDMI cable.  
  • Cameras: Often, the camera feature will not be the best on a tablet.  If you’re looking for a good camera on a tablet, don’t opt for anything less than 5MP.


Tablet Security

Make sure to stick to using trusted providers for apps, as this will limit your tablet’s susceptibility to viruses.  It’s also a good idea to install antivirus software on your tablet.  There are a number of free installations available for tablets online.


Tablet Portability

You will also need to take into account the weight and size of your portable tablet.  The thinnest and lightest tablets are manufacturers with the best components, so you’re ideal tablet may not be the cheapest option.


Tablet Update and Upgrades

Make sure to update any tablet with the latest software upgrades.  This will help to keep your device running at optimum levels.  One of the easiest ways to discover if there are any software updates is to look in the Settings section of your tablet.  Window tablets are easy to upgrade automatically via the Window’s regular upgrade system.  Also, Apple device updates are available from the App store.


How to Find a Well-Priced Tablet

Price is always an important factor and electronic devices can easily cost a lot of money.  However, cheap tablet deals are not hard to find.  During the run-up to Christmas, as well as on Black Friday, you can easily find a great deal on top-quality tablet devices.  Some technology retailers like GAME, Curry’s and Argos offer heavy discounts on tablets throughout the year.


Tablet Deals and Promotions at Blast My Deals

Make sure to check out all of the offers on tablets at Blast My Deals when looking for the best available products at great discount prices.

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