ExpiredWhat you need to know when buying a new shop vac
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It’s everyone’s dream to purchase the right vacuum cleaner for their house. Recently, shop vacs have been gaining popularity because of their impressive performance and rugged build. Shop vacs are a subtype of vacuum pumps that provide impressive suction capabilities, making them perfect for homes and stores alike.
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Here are four things you ought to know when buying a new Shop vac:

Tank capacity
There are numerous types of shop vacs that come with wide-ranging tank capacities. Before making any choice, it’s important to consider the amount of dust, sand and other debris that collects within your premises. Shop vacs provide better suction than ordinary vacuum cleaners, making them perfect for clearing dust from garages, woodwork shops and apartments. If you often have to clean up a huge mess, getting a vacuum that has a vast tank will suit you well. However, larger shop vacs will require more water, making them heavier than the smaller varieties.

Filter type
It’s important to get a suitable filter for your shop vac. The appropriate filter depends on the nature of debris being collected. For wet debris, you’ll need to buy a foam sleeve and fit it onto your filter. Huge piles of rubbish require a general household filter whereas medium debris need a filter that possesses medium-level filtration. Finally, there’s fine debris consisting of soil, dust and other small particles. To collect this type of debris, buy a filter that has fine level of filtration. Before carrying your new shop vac home for testing, check whether it possesses the filter you require. If it doesn’t, you’ll probably have to purchase an extra filter.

Vacuum pump performance
When it comes to performance, there are several readings you ought to consider: Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), the Sealed Pressure (SP), Air Power (AP) and Peak Horsepower. Shop vacs with higher CFM ratings are best for collecting fine debris – these support tremendous airflows at their biggest opening. For heavy debris like bolts and metallic chips, get a vacuum with a large Air Power rating. Sealed pressure measures how efficiently your vacuum pump collects water through its tube. This reading is crucial for those individuals who use their vacs to suck up water and other liquids. Get a vac whose SP rating is higher than 75.

Type of tank
The material used to construct vacuum tanks differ from one shop vac to another. The most popular materials are plastic and stainless steel. Both have wide-ranging benefits. For instance, plastic tanks don’t dent and they’re extremely lightweight. Steel tanks, on the other hand, are more long-lasting and easy to spruce up. The type of tank you select will depend on your preference. You also need to consider the length of the vacuum hose before purchasing one. To clear large debris, get a hose whose width measures 2.5 inches.
Consider these things the next time you buy a new shop vac.
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