Expired3 tips to stopping cats from entering your garden
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Cats are nice as pets, and most people love the sight of one in the house, and around the yard. However, there are those that just don’t like cats. For such individuals, the thought of a cat making a home in their garden is unsettling. It gets even more disturbing when efforts to get rid of the cat or cats are unsuccessful. In case you are in such a situation, here are 3 cat deterrents you can try out with a high degree of success.

1. Get a Pestbye jet sprayer

This is one of the easiest ways to stop cats from entering your garden. Its working mechanism is pretty simple. It has a sensor that detects when a cat passes close to your garden. The sensor then activates a waterjet spray that is aimed at the cat. Besides the water jet, this device also produces a clicking sound that scares away animals. The trick behind this device is not just to scare away the cats, it is also to break their routine. Cats love routine, and if they have been spending time at your garden, then it means that they have marked your garden as their territory, and can regularly hang out there. By spraying them with water every time they come, you break this routine. Ultimately, they will look for another territory and leave your yard alone. At this point, you can even stop using the sprayer, and they won’t bother coming back.

2. Install fence spikes

If your garden has a stone-wall fence, then it could provide a perfect place for cats to rest. Over time, they will mark it as their territory, and getting rid of them can be a challenge. In such a case, the best way to get rid of them would be to install fence spikes. These spikes are designed to make resting on the fence uncomfortable for the cats, without injuring them. These spikes are also designed in such a way that, they are very accommodative of birds. If there are cats that made your wall their territory, continued discomfort due to these spikes will ultimately force them to find new territory in another place. It’s a cost-effective, and humane way of deterring cats from making your garden part of their territory.

3. Make use of repellent gel

Another easy way to deter cats from your garden is to spray repellent gel around the garden. Cats have a habit of marking territory by urinating at specific spots, and by rubbing themselves on objects. The repellant works by masking the cat's smell, hence making it impossible for the cat to claim your garden as their territory. For best results, apply the gel on areas where the cat is most likely to mark as its territory. For instance, you can apply it on wall tops, and around trees, where cats are most likely to run themselves when marking territory. It’s a proven technique that can guarantee you of results, since it plays psychological games against the cat, by descending it from your garden.
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