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Does the PlayStation 4 Live up to Expectations?

The PS4 was one of the most highly anticipated consoles to ever be launched and his compact, advanced digital hub lives up to the hype! Players can enjoy a huge range of incredible games, better functionality and a noticeable better processing speed. Sony has created the PS4 to be compatible with lots of other devices and you can enjoy RemotePlay and SharePlay with this console, providing a much more social gaming experience.


PlayStation: Gaming and Family Entertainment Centre

The PlayStation was first launched in Europe and America back in 1995 and it instantly became a hit around the globe. The PlayStation 2 followed this and lead to even more success for Sony with over 150 million units sold by 2013! This made it the most popular home gaming console in the world. The PlayStation 3 then followed and finally the latest version is the PlayStation 4 which was released in 2013.


How Many PS4 Versions Are There?

There are three different versions of the PS4 – the original, the Pro and the Slim. Below you can find out which each one has to offer:

The Original PS4 – This version was first launched in 2013 and brought gaming as a whole a huge step forward. It brought an advanced CPU and GPU plus 16 the DDR RAM that was on offer with the PS3. With this console, players could also look forward to the latest Dualshock 4 controller which offered a touchpad and motion detector features plus a camera which allowed for better game play with motion capture-based gaming titles.

The PS4 Pro – This was launched towards the end of 2016 and it was Sony’s answer to the updates made with Microsoft’s Xbox range. It included a huge revamp of the PS4 design and gave players 4K video, 2x the graphical processing power, better wi-fi connectivity and more streaming options. The processing power of this version is double of the original and offers 1GB more of memory. This really is the must have gaming console for serious gamers who want the latest and most cutting edge technology!

The PS4 Slim – However, if you are not the most serious gamer and are just looking for a great console then you can always opt for the PS4 Slim. This console is a lot smaller than the Pro and has updated connectivity, but everything else is the same as the original.


PS4 Bundles

The PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim are both available for purchase in a range of different bundles.

If you are buying the PS4 Pro you can get the standard bundle which includes 1TB storage space and a Dualshock 4 Controller. You can also purchase fun themed bundles which can include fantastic games such as Call of Duty, Star Wars: Battlefront, FIFA and Grand Theft Auto.

The PS4 also comes in plenty of great bundles too and you can choose between the 500GB or the 1TB model. Just a few examples of great games you can purchase with these bundles are Horizon: Zero Dawn, LEGO Star Wars and Grand Theft Auto. Buying these gaming bundles can offer big savings compared to buying them all separately.


Smart Entertainment Console

When you buy a PS4, you will join the fantastic PlayStation 4 Network. This is an online service which connects up your PS4 to a range of digital media services. In the PlayStation Store, players can buy their games and lots of added features. When using this network, you can benefit from lots of deals and exclusive content. The Weekly Deals can all be found on the one site. With your PS4, you can also access a range of digital media entertainment including BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Netflix as well as a range of sport and music networks.

Many USB gadgets can be connected to your console and it also features a Blu-ray player to watch all of your favourite films! DVD’s can also be played on this console. The PlayStation music feature gives players the option to listen to Spotify on the console while playing their favourite games. If you enjoy browsing the internet with your PS4 console, you won’t be disappointed as it is now easier and faster to do this compared to previous PS4 models.


PS4 Accessories

With the PS4, there are lots of extra accessories available for you to purchase. This includes:

In-Ear Stereo Headset – this cuts out all noise and distractions and can be plugged into your DualShock 4 controller.

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller – there are extra DualShock 4 Controllers in a variety of colours that can be purchased. They include speakers, touchpads and also motion sensors.

PlayStation Camera – this camera allows you to use the system menu hands-free, with logging in instant using face recognition technology. It is also compatible with many PS4 games.

DualShock Charging Station – this can charge up to two controllers at once.

PlayStation 4 Vertical Stand – this saves space around your TV.

PlayStation VR – this is one of the most exciting add-ons that you can purchase with your PS4 and allows you to inhabit virtual reality worlds. It works with the PS4 camera and PS4 Move Controllers and you can play it with popular gaming titles such as Batman, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Star Trek: Bridge Crew.


The Best PS4 Deals

The PS4 comes with quite a big price tag, but there are lots of ways in which you can save yourself some cash when purchasing this console. The first thing you should do is check Blast My Deals for the latest big deals and savings. Here you can find deals from all of the biggest retailers such as Argos and Currys. However, we would also recommend that you look out for great deals available at certain times of the year such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday!


If you do decide to go with the PS4 gaming console, make sure you check out Blast My Deals first to ensure you get the best price and bundle!


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