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Save Money with Lego Deals

Today, Lego’s famous models and building block kits remain one of the most popular toys in the world.  In fact, since 1965, the company has produced over 650 billion Lego pieces!  Customers today are spoilt for choice.  The Lego range is enormous, with different kits to suit every age and gaming taste.  Any toy fan will be able to find the latest Lego product deals and promotions at Blast My Deals. 


World-Famous Toys

Lego was originally founded way back in the 1930’s.  Toy maker Ole Kirk Christiansen first created a set of wooden blocks.  These blocks could fit together to create larger structures.  Lego actually takes its name from the Danish for ‘Play well’ and this company first started producing their now world-famous plastic bricks in 1949.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, the company began to introduce Duplo, which is specifically targeted towards younger children.  Since then, the company has produced a huge variety of different block, kits and accessories, with many based around popular and iconic brands such as Star Wars.  However, the main appeal of Lego still remains in the simple act of creating new and unique structures.


Different Lego Products

Lego offers a vast selection of ranges and products on their website at www.lego.com, and this huge selection can often be a little overwhelming for any first-time buyers.  However, their full product range can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Lego Classic: This is the staple product many parents will have grown up with.  This product features the typical building blocks.  It also comes with other shapes including wheels, crosses and slanted blocks.  The main aim with this collection is to help children explore their creative side.  The classic Lego bricks come in a range of box sizes and also include a base plate that can be used to build on.
  • Lego Duplo: This is Lego’s introductory product for younger children and contains larger bricks to ensure smaller parts are kept to a minimum.
  • Lego Technic: This is a more complex Lego development, which includes elements like motors and pulleys.  A number of brands have partnered with this, including Batman, Disney, the Beatles, Star Wars, Minecraft, Scooby Doo, Angry Birds and DC Comics.
  • Lego Mindstorms: This series of kits allows users to program Lego robots to help complete basic tasks.
  • Lego Video Games: Lego has released a number of computer games based on their products.  In fact, since 1995, over 60 games have been released.  Users will easily find games for all major gaming systems, including PS4, PC, Nintendo 3DS and Xbox.


What to Consider Before Buying Lego

The type of Lego product you want will depend on a range of different factors.  The age of the person playing with the Lego is probably the most important factor in your decision.  Generally, Lego Duplo is advised for children up to 3-4 years old.  Above that, both classic and branded Lego kits will be a good option.  The Lego Technic range is suitable for children over the age of 10, while children over the age of 14 can only really enjoy their advanced Mindstorm range.


Most Popular Lego Collections

Now you are aware of just how vast the Lego universe is, it’s definitely a good idea to look at the company’s most popular products.

  • Lego Star Wars: Thanks to the release of the new line of films, Star Wars has experienced a renaissance in recent years.  So, it’s really no surprise that a whole new range of Star Wars Lego has been developed.  In the Star Wars section of the Lego site, you’ll find everything from Hovertanks, Death Stars, Rebel fighters, Walkers, Imperial Shuttles and more!  Star Wars fans will easily be able to use Lego to build and re-create their favourite scenes from the films.  Plus, the Lego election isn’t limited to just sets.  You can also enjoy web-based games and Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available on Nintendo Wii, PS4, PS Vita and Xbox.
  • Lego Ninjango: This is one of Lego’s most popular franchises.  The Ninjango range has been available since 2011 and the extensive series of kits now features over 100 different options.  As well as offering kits, users an also play themed console games for PS Vita and smartphones, as well as enjoying board games and graphic novels.
  • Lego Batman: Lego offers an impressive collection of movie and gaming brands, including the extremely popular Lego Batman, who held a prominent role in the Lego film.


Lego App Selection

  • Lego has quickly embraced the smartphone era and has successfully launched a selection of apps to help users engage with their favourite toys.
  • Lego Life App: This is available on iOS and Android devices and lets children create and share images of their Lego creations
  • Lego Juniors Create and Cruise App: This app is aimed at users aged between 4-7.  This lets Lego users conjure up their own Lego vehicles.  Again, this app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

That’s not all of the Lego apps that you can download directly to your smartphone.  To check out the full selection, make sure to visit the Lego pages on the Google Play or App Store. 


Finding the Best Lego Deals

Lego’s range of products can be purchased from a number of different retailers.  If you would like to browse the full product catalogue, then the official Lego website is the place to go.  

You will also find most of Lego’s popular products at all major UK toy retailers such as Argos, John Lewis and Toys R Us.  You can also search for Lego kits on Amazon.  If you’re looking for Lego games, you can download them electronically from retailers like Playstation.com or Xbox.com.     

As with most game and toy retailers, you will be able to take advantage of Lego’s seasonal sales.  Make sure to check out their deals when Cyber Monday and Black Friday arrive.


Lego Offers at Blast My Deals

Lego offers regular price reductions on its different product lines, so check out all the latest deals and promotions at Blast My Deals.