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Save Money on an iPhone

Steve Jobs first launched the original iPhone model in 2007 and since then the iPhone has continued to dominate the smartphone market.  The iPhone is viewed by many as a trailblazer for the many technologies that are now standard in the smartphone industry, such as touchscreen functionality and inertial scrolling.


Premium Mobile Device

The original iPhone design combined the functionality of the iPod, a mobile phone and a non-WAP based mobile phone browser.  While these are all common elements in today’s market, this device truly revolutionized the market.  Apple then followed up with their next major upgrade, the iPhone 3G.  Then they released the iPhone 4, which is famous for its high pixel screen and flat design.  Its integrated antennae easily upped the smartphone game stakes and helped Apple stay ahead of its competitors.  


The iPhone 5 offered an extremely slimmed down design but it was not until the release of the iPhone 6/6 Plus that we saw dramatic transformations.  Here, Apple revamped the screen size and resolution and also incorporated the new iOS 8.  The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were released in 2016 and are resistant to splash water.  They also feature an all-new 12MP camera.  The iPhone 8 offered little in the way of major updates, whereas the iPhone X is an overall update.  This marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone range.         


Choosing the Right iPhone Storage Capacity

The amount of storage you require on your iPhone will depend on how you are going to use your device.  If you are planning on only texting, calling and streaming on your device, then the 16GB version may be adequate.  However, for anyone looking to store photo and videos, as well as host a large number of apps, you’re better off looking into larger storage capacity models.  


Improve Your iPhone Experience With Accessories

iPhone owners can benefit from a huge range of accessories.  The accessories you go for will depend largely on how you use your phone.  You can seriously enhance your devices capabilities by taking advantage of what’s out there.  Here’s a list of phone accessories that you should definitely check out:


  • Waterproof Cases: If your iPhone is your prized possession, you should definitely consider investing in a waterproof case.
  • Speakers: Your iPhone device can easily pair up with some brilliant wireless speakers, allowing you to create some great audio when playing games or streaming movies.
  • Camera Attachments: While the iPhone has a great camera, you can enhance its features with accessories like OlloClip.  This attaches to your camera and offers fish-eye or wide-angle capabilities.  
  • Keyboards: One slight drawback to the iPhone is its keyboard.  If you want to use your iPhone to take notes or professionally, then a keyboard is a must.  Top brands like Logitech offer portable keyboards that can be rolled up neatly.  These essentially turn your phone into a laptop.  
  • Charging Docks: It’s never fun running out of battery, so make sure you have the battery packs and charging docks you require to ensure you never run out of juice when you really need it. 
  • Gaming Controllers: You can take your gaming to the next level by purchasing accessories like the GameVice.  This accessory attaches to both sides of your phone, which will more or less mimic a PlayStation controller.
  • Stands: You can purchase a specialist stand, so you can sit back and enjoy watching a film without having to awkwardly prop up your phone.
  • Tripods: If you’re a big photography fan, you may want to consider investing in a tripod so you can stabilize your iPhone and take professional shots.
  • Running Bands/ Fitness Tracker: A running band will help keep your iPhone in place, so you don’t have to leave your iPhone at home whilst on a run.


Pros and Cons of iPhones

Overall, the iPhone is an excellent device.  However, there are a couple of cons you should be aware of before purchasing an iPhone device.  We’ve listed a few of the most important pros and cons below:


The Pros

  • Security: One of the top selling points for any Mac product is the lack of viruses designed to attack their operating system.  The main security threat you should consider is your iPhone being hacked.  This can be done remotely, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the kind of hacking software in play. 
  • Aesthetics: Another thing that impresses is the overall design aesthetic of the iPhone.  Regardless of the edition you are talking about, the iPhone blows its competitors out of the water.
  • Usability: Apple’s operating system is highly intuitive.  This makes it a great option for all ages, as there’s no need to have a strong tech knowledge.  Also, Apple’s products network very well.  
  • Siri: Many people were blown away when this voice-controlled assistant was first introduced in 2011. 
  • Continuous Updates: iOS and the different apps designed to run on the system are typically extremely high quality, and Apple makes a point of continually updating their software.


The Cons

  • Battery Concerns: There have been a number of issues with iPhone batteries in recent years.  If you are inside your warranty when your battery fails, it’s free to repair.  If you’re outside your warranty, replacing your battery will cost you.
  • No SD Card: iPhone devices do not take SD cards.  However, you can purchase an adapter that lets you use a micro SD card.


The Best iPhone Deals

You can choose to purchase iPhones directly from Apple at www.apple.com.  Alternatively, you can choose to purchase your iPhone from other online retailers including mobilephonedirect.co.uk, mobile.co.uk, Amazon or EE.  In most cases, a mobile phone carrier is still the cheapest way to get your hands on an iPhone.  


If you’re thinking about buying a new iPhone or upgrading your device, there are times of the year like Christmas, Black Friday and the January Sales where you are likely to find a much better deal


iPhone Deals and Promotions at Blast My Deals

At Blast My Deals, we keep on top of all the best iPhone offers and promotions, so you don’t have to.