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Our toilet plunger is specifically designed to powerfully blast away tough blockages by using water rather than traditional air, creating up to 8x the power. Made of PVC the plunger is very durable and an ease to clean after use after flushing. Simply pump water in and out and it'll shine like new! Specifically designed for toilets, the plunger creates a seal at the bottom of the basin so high-pressure water can be shot down the drain to remove blockages.


Material: Plastic
Colour: Black
Handle Length: 28cm (Approx)
Head Length: 37cm (Approx)
Total Length Once Assembled: 62cm (Approx)
Product Weight: 250g (Approx)

Detachable handle for easy storage.
Easily cleanable high grade PVC
8x more power than a traditional toilet plunger
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