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Join the witches and wizards this Halloween with your very own magical wand remote! Ever dreamt about having your own wand that can actually do magic!? Well here is your chance. This wand has some amazing abilities and is very clever it always knows which ways is up, down, right and left! Teach your wand all the tricks in the book and after it has been programmed it will pulse once to show you that the code has been learned. This little wan can learn remote control codes from a range of devices within the house hold! Make using your devices so much more fun!
• Controls almost anything that uses infrared remote control
• Has 13 gestures therefore can be programmed to 13 remote control codes
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Aditya Gugaliya 1 year ago Reply |
Bit expensive but good product
bean 1 year ago Reply |
Harry Potter wand that controls everything ill have me one of those
zain 1 year ago Reply |
that is epic
amjad905 1 year ago Reply |
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