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Great condition iPhone 7! This pre-owned iPhone comes unlocked and has been fully tested to confirm that it is in great condition! It’s all yours as all data is fully cleansed from previous use! It comes with a USB cable for your charging and plugging into PC’s/mains. However; a mains adaptor is not included within the pack along with some other additional accessories. Pay in one go or in monthly instalments over a 24 month period! Also; the pre-owned phone comes with a 6 month warranty! Get the most out your phone and experience the dramatic change of the iOS features on the iPhone 7!
What do you think of this deal from giffgaff?
Aditya Gugaliya 5 years ago Reply |
I would say expensive for old model
tonybr92 5 years ago Reply |
bit dear!!
Mussallam 5 years ago Reply |
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