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Imagine a device that has a purpose to motivate you to live your life better, entertain you, contain features necessary for your everyday needs and so much more- all from a screen attached securely to your wrist! It tells more than just time, it will organise your life..your very own personal trainer-choose from 15 exercise modes when working out. SmartTrack will automatically pick up your favourite ones and record them for you. Download your favourite tunes from Deezer or tune into Pandora stations! We all wish our battery would last the whole day, well now it can! Rock your FitBit for 4+ days before you need to charge it! Check into your social media, keep up to date with your favourite sports, maintain your finances with FitBit Versa- all the apps you need, daily! Explore so much more with this FitBit Smartwatch- save 25%!!!
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iaghakusan 8 months ago Reply |
Good smart watch. Thanks for sharing it.
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