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This board is the most stable inflatable standup paddle board for people of all skill levels.
It can be rolled up into compact package for easy transport and storage. Paddle your way out onto the ocean, into a bay, or onto a lake and soak up the beauties of the natural world while inadvertently exercising your entire body (and obviously having a ton of fun). When you're finally tuckered out, deflate your board, roll it up, wrap it up, and stuff in your trunk (imagine how many boards you can fit in an itty bitty hybrid hatchback) and go on your merry way.

Never let the inconvenience of traveling with outdoor equipment put a hamper on your childlike senses of wonder and spontaneity. Come and buy this one home!

New brand and high quality
Hand shaped EVA core
Great boards for younger children catching their first waves
Lightweight design for handling out of the water easily
A high quality 11 foot 6 inch epoxy sup board with a eva deck pad & stylish
Available to buy with a high quality paddle board
To help aid maneuverability whilst on the water and out on waves as for a large eva deck grip pad
With a pressure release valve for when things heat up, a carry handle in the middle of the deck and a leash securing point at the rear
The 4 d-rings on the board add extra strength and durability
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