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Just like any other USB, the MyMemory stick allows you to store, transfer and share your data such as photos, documents, music, videos etc of up to 128GB. However, what's unique about this particular stylish and sleek memory stick is that it offers a fast USB 3.0 connection, saving you time and effort from having to transfer, share or store files. Keep this compact stick with you at all times by attaching it to your keys as the durable red casing design contains a sturdy key ring. With a storage capacity of 128GB, you won't need to hesitate to store large files such as movies, presentations etc.
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break675000 1 year ago Reply |
Really useful if you’re a YouTuber looking to upload many videos.
paule1976 10 months ago Reply |
Great price for 128GB! I just paid double that for 64GB :(
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