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Black and Orange Westbeach Vexed BMX Stunt Bike Comes 80% Assembled 20" Wheels Stunt Pegs x 4 Suitable for ages 8+ Helmet and Knee Pa...

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Black Aluminium Framed Bike on 26" Wheels! 21 Gears to Make the ride rather exciting Thick chunky tyres for different terrains and a smoo...

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A folding bike that goes straight to the essentials: single-speed drivetrain is low maintenance while delivering good performance. Lateral f...

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The Zener series is specially designed for the enduranced riderusing a monocoque carbon fibre disc frame. Featuring ligt action vivid shifti...

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Felt Z85 Road Bike - Designed for a gran fondo, endurance rides, or a road race, the 2016 Z Series is Felt’s most versatile road bike. T...

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Save Money with Bike Deals 

The bike, or bicycle, is one of the most widely produced vehicles throughout the world.  This product is great for sport, as well as for fitness and recreation.  Bikes can also be used by the military, police and by courier services.  Nowadays, customers have access to a huge array of bike models, at a wide range of prices.  For some customers, the choice can seem a little overwhelming, which is why you’ll find all of the best deals available online, here at Blast My Deals!


Different Bike Options – Advantages/Disadvantages

  • Road Bike: This type of bike is designed to travel across paved roads at speed.  This model is built for endurance, rather than quick bursts of speed.  This makes them light and agile and their narrow wheels help to reduce friction.  With this bike, the seating position can get a little uncomfortable for your neck and wrists.
  • Mountain Bike: These are also referred to as All Terrain Bicycles.  This model is designed for off-road cycling, which makes them incredibly sturdy.  The suspension on this model also allows for far more control and the geometry of the frame provides good traction when climbing up steep hills.  A mountain bike is heavier than a road bike and the suspension will take away some of the efficiency you would see from your pedal stroke.
  • Commuter Bike: This bike model is designed for a daily commute over both short and long distances in cities.  A commuter bike is a great all-rounder, offering comfort, speed and durability.  They can sometimes be on the heavier side and are slower than racing bikes.
  • Single Speed Bike: These bikes only offer one gear setting and are typically designed for short distances, over flat terrain.  This type of bike usually requires less maintenance as they come with fewer components.  The low number of components helps make this bike fairly lightweight and well priced.  It does lack pedalling efficiency and cannot be ridden on rocky terrain.
  • Electric Bike: An electric bike uses an integrated electric motor that is powered by a battery you can recharge.  Any electric bike can be solely pedal-powered.  This makes them extremely cheap to run.  It also makes them safer and quicker than most pedal bikes.  There’s also no need to worry about a license or MOT with this product.  They are a pricier option than a standard bike and can be heavier to push and pedal when your battery runs out.
  • Kid’s Bike: These are designed especially with the needs of young children in mind.  Children’s bikes come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from balance models that don’t have pedals or brakes, all the way to scaled-down versions of mountain bikes.


What to Consider When Buying a Bike

Before you visit your local cycle shop or begin researching the best brand online, it’s important that you ask yourself some key questions to help you figure out the type of bike that is right for you.

The key factors you need to be aware of are the type of rider you are, how big your budget is and the type of saddle you would like.  Each of these factors can help you to find your ideal type of bicycle.


Buying Your Bike Online 

Today, you can easily purchase a bike.  From specialist cycle shops to your local supermarket, you’ll quickly see that there is a huge variety of bike models available on the market.  One of the most well-known bike shops on the UK high street is Halfords, and they’re always worth taking a look at.  Supermarket giants like Tesco and Asda also stock an impressive selection of bicycles.  You’ll also be able to find a good range of options from online retailer Amazon.


Top Bike Brands


Accessories for Your Two-Wheeled Friend

To make sure you get the most out of your new bike, you should also consider the different accessories available for your bike.  These range from maintenance and repair to safety features, alongside storage options and purely aesthetic choices.  The type of bike you purchase will dictate which accessories are appropriate for you.  We’ve listed some of your main options below:


  • Bells: These are good for alerting people to your presence.
  • Hi-visibility jackets: Whilst not the most stylish of accessories, these are a great way of making sure you are clearly visible when travelling on roads.
  • Baskets: This is a great option for commuter bikes, as you won’t have to carry your bag whilst cycling.
  • Tool kits: Keeping a portable tool kit handy means you can carry out basic repairs and maintenance whilst on the go.
  • Lights and reflectors: It is illegal to cycle without lights on a public road, so you should definitely invest in a light if you are planning on cycling along roads.
  • Helmets: This is a potentially life-saving accessory in the event of an accident, so it should always be an essential part of your cycling kit.


When to Buy a Bike?

While there is no official ‘best time’ to pick up a new bike, there are definitely certain times of the year where you can bag yourself a bargain.  Each September, the vast majority of bike manufacturers will release their latest models.  This means that most bike shops will need to clear out old stock to make room for newer models, meaning lower prices for you.  This is a great option to consider if you’re not looking for the latest bike release.

You will also be able to get a good deal during seasonal sales such as Black Friday, Christmas and January.  This is technically the ‘off-peak’ season for cycling, so many bike shops will slash their prices to attract customers.  


Bike Deals and Promotions at Blast My Deals

Nowadays, it’s easier to find a great deal when you are purchasing a new bike.  At Blast My Deals, you can easily take advantage of the great range of top deals and promotions they offer on bicycles.